European roulette bet types

In this game bets are ranked according to the number of numbers covered in the bet.

The most common bets in European online roulette are inside and outside. Although there are also some additional calls. Most of them offer different advantages to win. Each one has its own payout limits that you will get if the bet wins.

These perks and payouts usually do not appear on the dashboard. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play European roulette you have to know them before you get into the game. Players should know what each type of bet offers to get more chances to win.



They are those that are placed on a single number or small groups of them. The chances of winning with an inside bet are slim. However, the prizes they offer are higher than those of outside bets.

Straight, full or bet on a number. It consists of placing the chip on the box where we think the ball will stop. It can be any digit, including 0. It is paid in a ratio of 35 to 1.

Split or horse bet. It is the split bet that covers two numbers. It is about betting on two adjacent digits on the table. The chip is located right on the line that separates them. Like for example, between 8 and 9. Your payout is 17 to 1.

Three line or bet on the street. It is the bet that covers three numbers in a row. The chip is placed on the outer line of the row. That is, if you want to cover 34, 35 and 36, we will place it on the outer limit of 34. You pay from 11 to 1.

Bet on the corner or square. Here the bet covers four adjacent numbers. To do this, the token is placed in the common corner where the quartet of figures touches. It pays 8 to 1.

Six line or the six. This bet covers six numbers on two adjacent lines. To mark it, the card is placed at the end, in the common outer corner of both rows. Example, in the vertex shared by 22 and 25, it ranges from 22 to 27. Its payment is 5 to 1.



Outside bets, unlike inside bets, cover large groups of numbers.

Left, middle, right or column bets. It is a bet that has a whole column of numbers either on the first, second or third line. Your payout is 2 to 1.

Bets on dozens. It is a bet that covers a group of the first, second or third 12 numbers on the table. The chip is located in the box of 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12. It is paid from 2 to 1.

Bets on color and even and odd. The tiles are placed on the space that covers even or odd numbers, or the red or black sector. By placing the chip on top of this box, you bet on the entire group of digits. That is, when betting even, you would bet on each number of this type. You pay 1 to 1.

High/Low. Also known as pass and miss bets. It consists of a bet on the first or second half of the table, between the small and large numbers. The box with low digits includes from 1 to 18, and the one with high digits from 19 to 36. Its payment is from 1 to 1.

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