European roulette

Learn with us how to play European roulette so that you have fun and achieve the best results. Here we will show you the rules, types of bets and strategies for European roulette that will make you win a lot of money.



European roulette is one of the most attractive and profitable casino games. This is because it allows you to place several bets and choose the risk or profit you can have with them. Here the main objective is to predict the number where the ball will land and bet on it. So, if the sphere stops in the square you chose, your move will be a winner.

The game of roulette features a wheel that contains 37 slots numbered from 0 to 36. The number slots run around the circle and alternate between red and black. That is to say, there are 18 red spaces and 18 black spaces with the exception of the number 0, which is green.

On the table you will find all the numbers you can bet on. European roulette rules state that chips are required for betting. They will be placed on top of the number or color for which you want to play.

At a roulette table there can be a maximum of 8 players and a minimum of 1. The game begins once the dealer announces the start of the betting round. He then spins the ball himself on the European roulette wheel.

In physical casinos, bets are closed when the ball has about three turns left before falling. In online European roulette, the wheel is spun after all players have placed their bets.

When the ball lands in one of the boxes, the winning number is identified and announced. Winning bets are paid out and losing bets are given to the house.

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