Differences between the european, the american and the french

One of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos around the world is free roulette. There are many versions of this game that have also managed to be successful and recognized by the public.

Most of the roulettes are guided by the rules of the original. However, in each type the gameplay changes a bit. Although they are very similar, each version has its own changes that characterize it.

The best way to win is to know the traits and strategies of the type of roulette you are playing. In this section you will learn about the differences between three of the different versions of this game. When you manage to distinguish each of the variants, you will obtain the best results when playing. Read on and find out what qualities separate one version from the other.



It is mainly offered in the United States, but it is also very popular in several casinos in Spain. It differs from European roulette because it has an added difficulty, the dreaded 00 box.

In this version of roulette, a new box is added, that is, there are now 38. The numbers are organized in a different way than in the French and European ones. These start from the double zero, followed by 0 and then from 1 to 36. The new 00 is the most obvious difference compared to the other two. Landing on that space can lose the bet you placed on the mat, which reduces the RTP of this game.

The American roulette betting mat is also not symmetrical, as in the French version. In this case the plays with simple possibilities are the closest to the player. It is also valid to bet several times on the same number or on a series of numbers. For this, there is usually an additional bet field.

Another relevant aspect is that in this type of roulette the rule in prison is not contemplated. If the ball lands on 0, the single bets are lost. Therefore, the American variant favors the bank more. Also, compared to the others, only one dealer runs the game.

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French roulette, known as French roulette, is the most popular and widespread, due to its French origin. Also for the great dissemination work that the French did to promote their game. In this way, its arrival in all the luxurious casinos of Europe occurred.

It is the most similar to European roulette, due to the fact that the wheel and the betting board are similar. Therefore, it is convenient to know the differences between the two to avoid confusing them.

The French roulette wheel is run by three dealers who are positioned along the length of the table. The board is made up of 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36. A specific rule of French roulette is called the partage. This means that when the number 0 comes up, half of the simple bets are returned to the players. On the other hand, there is the norm in prison. It means that if the ball lands on zero, the player does not lose his bet and waits until the next roll. In case of winning, only the bet is delivered without winnings.

French roulette is the modality that offers the most plays. It allows a series of special bets that are not found in the other variants.

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This variable is very similar to the French one. The wheel and the betting board of both models have the same numbers and the same boxes. They are almost identical, although they are recognized by their difference in some details in the way they play. For example, European roulette does not allow all the special moves that French roulette offers and has only one dealer.

The most distinctive thing about this version is that the rule known as la partage is not accepted. This being the reason why players cannot recover half of their simple bets. Another change is that European roulette allows betting on only one side of the table, while French roulette allows both.

This type of roulette combines features of both the American and the French versions. For this reason, the percentage probability of winning is identical to that of French roulette.

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