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Aztec Idols is an online slot game that takes casino players to ancient Mesoamerican sites. In the game, players can become a legend in the depicted temples, idols, explorers and riches await the players in the game. Find out what to expect when you travel to the land of the Aztecs in this Aztec Idols review.

Aztec symbols

Aztec Idols is a five-reel game where players can use up to 15 paylines to form winning combinations. Within these reels and paylines are symbols that include real idols, explorers, golden pyramids and many more. Here is a list of symbols found in Aztec Idols that will transport players right back to the era they represent.

  • Explorer – wild symbol
  • Golden Pyramid – Bonus symbol
  • Aztec Calendar Symbol – Free Spins
  • Card values (ace/king/queen/jack/10)

Aztec Idols suffers from the use of card value symbols in this game as they look extremely featureless. However, the game does them a favor by at least designing the card symbols to match the Aztec motif.

Aztec discovery

Aztec discovery

During the Aztec era, explorers played an important role in the history of their interactions with other cultures. And in this game, the explorer serves as a wild symbol that players can use to create winning combinations with other symbols on the game board. Wild symbols are not compatible with free spins and bonus symbols, but can be combined with any other symbol on the game board, creating a profitable situation for players.

For the gold

Aztec Idols players hope to collect golden pyramid symbols that trigger the game’s bonus round. At least three golden pyramids are required to enter the bonus round, which boasts the possibility of winning 150 times the amount bet before the spin. The presence of the bonus round is welcome, as players can take a break from the reels for a moment and win big.

Ideal idols for free spins

Ideal idols for free spins

Players looking for a free spins bonus can also look forward to free spins from the Aztec idols, which can be won by players who land three Aztec calendar symbols. These three symbols also result in a 5x multiplier when winning the original bet. One disadvantage is that the free spins feature cannot be restarted once the player has already withdrawn the free spins. But free spins are free spins, and there are plenty of them here.

Aztec Idols Tips and Tricks

New Aztec Idols players should play the slot for free before playing for cash to familiarize themselves with how the game works. But another piece of advice to consider is that players should familiarize themselves with how the extra scatter feature works, as this is something they may not be used to in other slot games.

Aztec Idols is a fun twist on Aztec-based games that offers plenty of opportunities to get fired up with bonuses and free spins. While the game isn’t dripping with creativity in concept, there’s enough here to keep things from getting monotonous.

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