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Have you always been interested in horse betting, but didn’t know where to start? This article on horse racing betting for beginners is intended for you! Spend 10 minutes on this article and you will already know the first steps of horse racing betting! We promise that you are standing at the gate of an extremely interesting and diverse world, the excitement and entertainment factor of which is endless!

A brief history of horse bet

A brief history of horse bet

Horse racing and horse betting are essentially the same age. Organized horse racing betting has existed in England – the birthplace of many modern competitive sports – since the beginning of the 17th century. One of the very first gallop betting forms was on the “finisher”, when the player had to correctly guess the first two or third place.

Horse racing and horse racing betting left the island nation and continued its triumphal march across the ocean. This is where the name was established. pari-mutuel betting (a lovi in Budapest Totalizatőr), which is still typical of many online bookmakers’ horse racing offerings today! Here, you do not bet on fixed odds, but the incoming bets can influence the winning multipliers until the last moment. You are not playing against the house, but for a prize fund made up of all the bets placed.

Some interesting facts about horse racing betting:

  • Hungarian horse betting and Kincsem nationalized second-place betting.
  • Hungarian horse racing betting, bet lovi, owes a lot to István Széchenyi, the founder of equestrian sports.
  • The most successful gallop racehorse of all time was a thoroughbred called Kincsem.
  • The pari-mutuel system also used in the Lovi Budapest Kincsem Park originates from the Anglo-Saxon equestrian nations.
  • In addition to the United Kingdom and the United States, the leading countries of horse racing today are Australia, France, Japan, and even Dubai! Online sports betting and foreign bookmakers have made it possible for the player to always find detailed horse race betting events in these places!

You can bet on these races, whether they are galloping, trotting, or teasing, live on sports betting sites, and sometimes they even provide their own live broadcast!


Fortunately, horse betting online is a much simpler story than going out to Kincsem Park on the weekend and standing in line at the checkout. Online horse racing betting technically only requires that you have your own account with an online bookmaker, and you have to pay a certain amount to it, which will then form your player account, i.e. your playing limit.

Check out our bookmaker list!

Your job will be easy here, because we have ranked the best and most reliable horse race betting bookmakers in advance! You can choose from them based on several criteria: where you can bet on the most events, which offers the best bonuses, which is the most convenient for horse racing betting on mobile.

Register with the bookmaker of your choice!

Register with the bookmaker

If you’ve found the betting site you like, registering and creating your own player account doesn’t take more than a few minutes. On the registration forms, you will need personal data such as your name, address, and phone number. Later on, you will need to verify your data with images of the corresponding documents at the customer service.

Pay to bet!

There will be bookmakers where you can already enter the currency of your player account on the registration form. For most service providers, this can be HUF, but this does not necessarily mean that the settlement will also be based on HUF. In this regard, always read the payment-related parts of our bookmaker articles!

Place a bet!

The minimum deposit, with which you can start playing, rarely exceeds 4-5€. The smallest bet can be as little as 10 dollars or euro cents! If you already have money in your player account, all you have to do is start browsing the horse race betting events and find the tip you like. Click on the odds, then validate your online slip.

Claim your prize!

At most bookmakers, the condition for payment is that you verify your account. This means that the customer service uses the pictures you send to check whether the personal data you have provided corresponds to reality. This is necessary due to international anti-money laundering regulations. It is also a condition on most sites that you enter the amount of your deposit at least once.

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